What is Ambedkarism? by Chandra Bhan Prasad


Beware when a serious thinker known for his courage of convictions and his incisive analysis wraps his message in humour. You will enjoy this non-academic and non-scholarly book, dear reader, if you’re not among CBP’s targets, i.e., if you’re not an Indian. If you’re an Indian but open-minded and concerned about the country, you will find the book thought-provoking. Here CBP offers a diagnosis of what ails our land and also a prescription.

CBP primarily targets his humour, his ire, on the self-styled Ambedkarites who deify Ambedkar and yet ignore his example and his message. His satire of Dalit movement(s) is distressingly realistic. I guess he presents his analysis as satire just to keep his sanity, and not to be overwhelmed by the pettiness of Dalit scholars, the betrayal of Dalit politicians and the lunacy of Dalit activists.

– D Shyam Babu, Senior Fellow Centre for Policy Research

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