Become A Founder is not just an e-commerce platform, it’s a movement to promote Dalit brands. We encourage Dalit entrepreneurs to manufacture under their own brand names. We further wish to inspire others to purchase these products from their Dalit friends’ companies.

This venture is led by famous Dalit Ideologue & political thinker Chandra Bhan Prasad. With future history of Dalits’ is unfolding, an Economic Revolution is being seeded, let us target Rupee and capture Bombay Stock Exchange, join it now, as one of the founders, and regular buyers.

Dalits are approximately 200 million in India. There is a Dalit middle-class with huge buying power. There are Dalit MPs/ MLAs/ Civil servants/ doctors/ engineers/ entrepreneurs, but there is not one nationally known Dalit brand in the market. This e-commerce platform stands to promote Dalit brands and introduce them into the market.

Objectives of the

(1) To make Entrepreneurship fashionable amongst Dalits,
(2) To encourage Dalits to launch their own brands,
(3) To motivate Dalit Middle Class to buy Dalit products,
(4) To ensure that the money Dalit Middle Class earns some of that remains within the community,
(5) To showcase Dalits’ Manufacturing abilities.

Contact Details :

Chandra Bhan Prasad (Click to read more about him)
Dalit Ideologue
Editor, Dalit Enterprise Magazine

Mobile – 9873508485

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