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    • Promote Dalit Brands.
    • Create Dalit Wealth.
    • Destroy the Caste Hegemony.
  • Join as Business Associate: Sell products on byDalits.com to target Dalit middle-class which earns several Lakh Crore every year.
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Join This Crusade as Founders, Business Associates, Sales Associates and Buyers

For more details about this initiative, Contact:
Chandra Bhan Prasad,
Mobile: +91-9873508485,
bydalits@gmail.com, contact@bydalits.com

bydalits.com is an e-commerce platform  to promote products manufactured by Dalit entrepreneurs. This venture is led by Dalit Ideologue Chandra Bhan Prasad. With bydalits.com, a future history of Dalits is unfolding, an Economic Revolution is being seeded. Let, We the Dalits, target Rupee and capture Bombay Stock Exchange. Join this Dalit Brand & Wealth building moment now, as founders, Business Associates, franchise owners, sales affiliates and regular buyers. Dalits are approximately 200 million in India. There is a Dalit middle-class with huge buying power. There are Dalit MPs/ MLAs/ Civil servants/ doctors/ engineers/ entrepreneurs, but there is not one nationally known Dalit brand in the market. This e-commerce platform stands to promote Dalit brands and introduce the same into the market. Objectives of the bydalits.com
  1. To make Dalit Capitalism a reality.
  2. To ensure rise of Dalit Billionaires.
  3. To act as a bridge between Dalit manufacturers and consumers.
  4. To encourage Dalits to launch their own brands.
  5. To motivate Dalit Middle Class to buy Dalit products.
Chandra Bhan Prasad Profiled by New York Times and Washington Post, Mr Prasad is a professional provocateur who passionately advocates rise of Dalit Capitalism as a counter to Manu Dharma that forbids Dalits to accumulate wealth. A former member of IIM Lucknow’s Board of Governors, he is a columnist in many national dailies.