About Chandra Bhan Prasad

Dalit Ideologue

Profiled by New York Times and Washington Post, Mr Chandra Bhan Prasad is cited by publications and scholars world over that include Nobel Laureate Garry Becker. Best known for his Dalit Capitalism concept and for setting up English as the Dalit Goddess, Mr Prasad asks Dalit youth to become Job Givers instead of Job Seekers. “Caste & Capitalism can’t coexist, one will have to wither away for the other” is Mr Prasad’s favourite quote.

At present, inspired by America’s Black Enterprise, Mr Prasad brings out a 100 page English language Monthly magazine- Dalit Enterprise- that profiles some twenty Dalit Entrepreneurs every Issue. Prime objectives of the Dalit Enterprise is to make entrepreneurship fashionable amongst Dalits, also, to demonstrate that despite odds, numerous Dalits can still succeed. Mr Prasad is all set to launch an e-commerce portal www.bydalits.com that will promote Dalit made goods.

A fierce advocate of Dalits setting up their own Banks, educated at JNU, Mr Prasad is born in a East Uttar Pradesh village, and lives in Delhi. Mr Prasad is regular in TV Debates, has written columns for a number of newspapers. The Times of India describes him as a Dalit Ideologue. Mr Prasad was a Visiting Scholar at an Ivy League School- University of Pennsylvania in the Fall Semester 2007, and former member Board of Governors IIM Lucknow. Mr Prasad had a rare distinction of being picked up by the NYT on its “Quotation of the Day” segment- December 22/2011- for his famous dictum- “India is moving from a caste-based to a class-based society, where if you have all the goodies in life and your bank account is booming, you are acceptable.”